Wayne Warren


Artist's statements

Wayne Warren dropping an object


With the Trophy series I want to continue to pursue the idea of questioning value – what is it we value and what are the conditions and implications of the effect of this? The Trophies are a collection of ‘unsanctioned’ objects which have been authorized as ‘art works’ – the mere act of being identified and allocated status transforms our perception of a (former) reality. Partially disguising a readily identifiable object similarly alters the way re regard it.

Wings have been a revered or hallowed icon for many cultures from the beginning of time. I want to draw on this history while also using the symbolic reference to question our notions of quality of life and our aspirations for the future.


The key concept underlying my work is questioning what it is that we value - are contemporary societies' values and behaviours driven by greed and mere consumerism? Are we spiritually defunct?

I see irony in my art practice - I use objects I have 'recycled' and purchased; I use gold spray paint and I create more 'detritus' to add to the already excessive waste.

The titles of my work such as Executive Excess, Golden Bricks, Nothing Matters, Woman's Needs - the curated exhibitions, including postEDEN, Tempting God and the essays written on my practice, in particular Moments of Lucidity, exemplify my involvement in these key concepts.


I play with words and phrases - using them as points of departure. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and am driven by the desire to look for things inside other things. The work oscillates between figuration and abstraction effortlessly, whilst continuing to maintain a fresh quality and sense of humour.

My art is about questioning values and individual expression.