Wayne Warren


The Enigma of Existence

Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, 2017

The artists have been selected as their work addresses the idea of ‘the mystery of life – what is reality?’. The curatorial concept focuses on the question of what constitutes the ‘real’ – ie the physical or tangible - as against the ‘unreal’ – ie the imagined. The Surrealists questioned the nature of reality in terms of it including the super-real – the metaphysical - or what is purely in the mind. Since then, we constantly address the notion of the virtual reality through the internet and social media, as well as movies such as The Matrix.

The Japanese author Haruki Murakami, often employs the co-existence of tangible and metaphysical reality in our illusions, mindscape or head-space which enable people to transcend the physical and exist in a ‘fabricated space’ – sought by, or imposed upon, the subject.

These works to be exhibited have been selected for their reference to such existences – either consciously via the artists’ intention or seen as such by the viewer.